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Communications with UPS restored consistent alerts

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I upgraded to 6.9.2 recently and started getting a TON of alert notifications around my Tripplite UPS that had no issues before. I did end up correcting my email notifications which seems to have stopped it from happening every second on the server notifications, now I just get them every 5 minutes or so.


Diagnostics attached.


Log is showing:

pr 16 19:36:24 Server kernel: usb 2-1-port5: disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling...
Apr 16 19:36:24 Server kernel: usb 2-1.5: USB disconnect, device number 124
Apr 16 19:36:24 Server kernel: usb 2-1.5: new low-speed USB device number 125 using ehci-pci
Apr 16 19:36:24 Server kernel: hid-generic 0003:09AE:3015.00E8: hiddev96,hidraw3: USB HID v1.10 Device [Tripp Lite TRIPP LITE SMART1500RM2U ] on usb-0000:00:1d.0-1.5/input0
Apr 16 19:36:30 Server apcupsd[17859]: Communications with UPS restored.



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I did reseat the cable from the UPS and the back of the server. The server motherboard only has 2 USB ports in the rear and the other has my Unraid flash drive. I guess I can just move that flash drive to a front USB port without issue? Then try the other rear USB.


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It is certainly worth the experiment I guess. But not a long term solution to me. If that does end up being a solution. I will probably roll back to 6.9.1 and set it all back up the way I had it and see what happens.

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