I dont know what is going on. (hard lockups on parity check)

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Everything was fine until i do a full parity check.  First time it cam back with 1000000s of read only errors on pairty drive #2. Fine RMA'd the drive awaiting return. Ran another pairty check hard lockup, same thing this morning. The only recent change was adding a 10G nic which has been working fine. Logs are not helpfull due to the hard lockup. Any thoughts? I am currently removing the 10G card and going to re  run the checks........... But a NIC shouldnt be hardlocking the system over a pairty check.


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Ok i just checked and Pairty Disk 2, Disk 9 and 10 are all on the same breakout cable from the HDD controller Card. So i added a New cable to a new sas port to those drives. Maybe bad controller? Maybe Bad Cable? Maybe Bad Power?

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I started getting read errors all over the array. I started to suspect the LSI00244 9201-16i expander card. I have since replaced the card with 2 8X cards and i am running a parity check. Checked all cables and connections. Heres to hoping its just that card.

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