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Hmm, I've created 72GB VM and installed Srv2022Std. Image should be few GBs on cache drive and but it is 72GB.
Sparse images should grow with data written and should have option to shrink/compact them, especially after using "sdelete -z" on VM. Exactly like in Virtualbox and VMWare.
How to enable such option?

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13 minutes ago, JonathanM said:

It's enabled by default.

No it's not.  The are still technically "sparse", but will always eventually grow to the maximum size of the vdisk and never shrink, won't be trimmed etc (ie: as you add files to the VM, the image will grow, but when you delete files it won't shrink.  You eventually (shortly) get to a point where the vdisk is the maximum size and stays there forever


To enable this, you need to do (and as a bonus, write performance will also increase)


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