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  1. THX. Except I can't passthrough AMD APU. What are your recommendations for non-passthrough (software) scenario?
  2. So are we ready to announce 4650G passthrough does not work and it is waste of time for many people? For example I've lost surely over 10h total time of my life. OFC I can't extract bios with SI's script, because "access denied". I tried various bioses. Same here, no progress.
  3. Greetings, I plan to move work-related stuff to remote VM. I have Ryzen 4650G (5700G 5750G considered) as unRAID server. I could pass-through iGPU (someone succeeded finally for 5700G!). But I want to benefit from iGPU on RDP. AFAIK normally RDP uses software rendering, but I googled how to enable iGPU. Questions: 1. What OS is needed? W10P is enough or I need at least W2016S or W10Enterprise? 2. Do I need RemoteFX? 3. Is AMD's iGPU supported? 4. Any other considerations? Thanks EDIT: WARNING! 5700G does NOT support ECC. It looks confirmed. One needs 5750G.
  4. Hi, I have Renoir GPU. Where did you get working BIOS for AMD APU? I am VERY interested. MANY people have problems (actually you are first one who succeeded).
  5. I see no-one answers you. I can't say for sure (I am beginner too), but you may not be able to pass-through Radeon cards. Anyway, every report I saw here was about failure to successfully pass-through Radeon integrated to Windows and install drivers. Not sure for Linux or Mac. I have 4650G and I failed too.
  6. updated BIOS/BMC, disabled global C-STATE, disabled aggressive SATA, disabled CPPC. I think it stopped resetting, need more testing. RAM is multi-byte ECC, it passed all tests
  7. Forget G models, pass-through does not work. AFAIK no-one succeeded (people can't install drivers under VM). So it is waste of cache. Unless 8C G version is FAR cheaper. I recommend for this MOBO: - CPU cooler compatibility!!! DOUBLE CHECK. I have Noctua NH-L12S because it fitted. In case of doubt, just buy this version! - disable global C state, disable aggressive SATA (in two places, one for CPU, one for chipset), disable CPPC - double check ram slots you populate - rather upgrade BIOS if you have <1.20. - there are NO USB 2.0 slots at all on these mobos, buy 2.0 pendrive then. Never use 3.0 pen in 3.0 slot (it will fail, matter of days, weeks MAYBE months, but it will fail) - check if second M.2 disables any SATA ports I have X570D4U and failed to pay extra cash for X570D4U-2L2T. Now it is 2x more expensive I have Mellanox3, but it took precious PCIe slot. I have 4650G (bought for a good price). Aiming for 5800X3D in case it ever appears. Answering your question: take 5800X or 5700G only if it is cheaper. Look there, I have almost identical build, and this guy is PRO CLASS:
  8. Hmm, I've created 72GB VM and installed Srv2022Std. Image should be few GBs on cache drive and but it is 72GB. Sparse images should grow with data written and should have option to shrink/compact them, especially after using "sdelete -z" on VM. Exactly like in Virtualbox and VMWare. How to enable such option?
  9. "This is all client side and you'd have to investigate there." Really? The VM is hibernated or paused. RDP port is probably not open at all. How to wake such VM up via client side? Disconnecting will do nothing, Closing will cause hibernating after changing unRAID option. OK Only problem is what to do to easily start hibernated/paused VM w/o logging every time by hand.
  10. Thanks for your answer, so I want my VM to: a) pause when I simply disconnect b) hibernate when last user logs out c) resume upon RDP connection attempt, sth. ike wake on lan. How can I do that exactly? EDIT: "You set the default action in unraid to be hibernate instead of shutdown" Where is this option? I have both drivers and tools installed on VM.
  11. 1. What is difference between "pause" and "hibernate"? 2. Is there any "suspend to disk"?, so after I restart unRAID I can continue work on VM w/o losing anything? Is such suspending default behavior in unRAID's graceful restart/shutdown? I had sth like that in Virtualbox and VMWare. 3. VM, even when I am not logged, takes some CPU power. How to handle pausing/resuming in clever way? So VM is paused after e.g. I hit log out (in VM's Windows) and is resumed when I try to RDP to VM? Or maybe there is another solution like some mobile app to pause/resume by hand, but easily?
  12. Here is same processor two times (two cores for unRAID, 4 cores for VM). "power plan" "performance" to the right, energy efficient to the left. 8.5% single core performance. I'll check wattage after I obtain the proper device to check it.
  13. Guys, I am back to try unRAID as backup server for various people over WAN. I also plan to have my VN for busness stuff (e-mail etc. as RDP over Wireguard) Some questions/issues: 1. UEFI or MBR? In case I ever want to pass-through GPU I think I saw that UEFI is a must. In case I ever want to move to new hardware, I may be forced to use UEFI in X years. Is there any easy switch from MBR made unRAID stick to UEFI one? Now I have MBR unRAID unable to boot to UEFI, but it is not too late for change. 2. I think everyone failed trying to pass-though 4xxxG/5xxxG iGPU. I saw some threads, everyone seem to lost the battle. Should I give up? I have 4650G. 3. I had resets w/o trace in log during unRAID trial work (once per ~1day, in the night, during HDD read or write tests). After that I did following: a) disabled global C-state something b) disabled CPPC c) disabled aggressive something for SATA Now I'll check for resets again. Any other Ryzen recommendations? RAM is ECC, tested/OK. 4. Any general unRAID recommendations before I fresh start? Recommended SAFE apps? 5. What are recommended VM settings for: a) W10P b) Server 2022 Standard (one looks like 10, not one looking like W11/next) And which is better for RDP daily work? Money aside. 6. Any help for setting following options in my AsrockRack? 7. I plan to RDP to VM, but OFC over VPN, Wireguard probably. I could handle Wireguard via Mikrotik router or via unRAID (preferrably). BUT! If I set br0 how can I put RDP behind unRAID's Wireguard? 8. i440fx or Q35? Should I always select latest version? EDIT: 9. Both for Virtualbox and Vmware I could do following steps: a) delete temp files inside VM (under Windows) (optionally defrag inside Windows to compact all files to beginning of the disk) b) "sdelete -z" to fill empty space with zeores c) compact image file How to do c) point in unRAID? Is image file sparse? How to copy image file to remote destination every X days?
  14. I have system reset/"unsafe shutdown"(it is reset) once per 24h of running server. I just updated BIOS/BMC and disabled global C-STATE. Any other recommendations? Ram is ECC, I checked it anyway, no problems. BTW where is exactly ECO mode in BIOS 1.20? I saw only general option: Power plan - Performance mode or Energy efficient mode. Is it the same?
  15. I have latest RC install, almost clean state. No other plugins (except IPMI). ECC Ram, platinum-grade 550W. I had unraid restart ~@2AM w/o reason, all logs lost. Clearing HGST/WD 18TB HDD was already past 24H. I also have such thing in LOG: root: error: /plugins/preclear.disk/logger.php: wrong csrf_token