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  1. Quick question - did any part of your computer activated PCIe4.0? Like Samsung 980 Pro, RTX3000 series GFX? MAG B550 TOMAHAWK - latest BIOS is 7C91vA5 AGESA Did you try it? Any overclocking done there?
  2. Yeah, LSI HBAs are brilliant, but FreeNAS problem with SATA is dreaded. FreeNAS/TrueNAS has a lot of critical pitfalls. Have mobo's AHCI SATA? All data lost. I look at hardware requirements. There are no AMD SATA controllers there. Is X570 so much problematic? Is the issue common?
  3. What about question 3? Can I use 8xSATA from MOBO (in AHCI mode) w/o problems? For example, FreeNAS forces users to use IT mode SATA controllers. And I see here a lot posts abput HBA/IT stuff.
  4. Greetings, I have three concerns before using unraid: 1. In case I have two HDD drives (not counting a parity one) does UnRAID put some files on 1hdd and other files on 2hdd? I've seen complaints about unraid write speed limited to speed of one hdd. Is it mitigated somehow, not counting SSD cache? 2. Does unraid do any pendrive endurance actions? Like its own quasi-trim? Or dividing a pendrive to X segments and migrating itself to next one every X time to avoid nand burning? 3. Some people here mention dreaded HBA controllers from LSI (FreeNAS-related prob