Anyone daily driver a gaming vm?

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Hey all,

So right now I have my Gaming PC and Unraid server separate boxes but I was tossing around ideas of how to merge them into one. One of the ways I was thinking was building a unraid box and then do a gaming VM. I did it a while back when the AMD R9 390 was still current and it worked reasonably well but I am curious how reliable as a daily driver it is. 

Aside from the Gaming VM itself the other 2 items that are important that work well are my Valve Index as I play a lot of Beat Saber and making sure my Sony A6100 with the Elgato camlink passes through ok.

Right now there are times where either machine is idle and the other machine could take advantage of the extra power and shrinking it down to 1 physical box would be nice.

I was thinking of a Ryzen 5950X and then do 8c/16t to my gaming VM and 8c/16t to divide up amongst the rest (unraid/plex and maybe a minecraft server). I have a RTX 2080 Super for my gaming gpu and would pick up (when prices drop) a quadro P2000 (or something in that ballpark) for plex. Little worried about my PCIE lane count but i think i could squeeze it in there

What recently made me interested in this again is Nvidia allowing gpu passthrough on the consumer gpus


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It's been quite a while since passthrough has been an "real" issue. I've been doing it with Nvidia an ATI no-stop. Why would you add an additional GPU for plex? Unless you have many clients and the server is quite "busy" most of the time, transcoding on the CPU is just fine. You might run into lane limitations with two GPUs - I'm an Intel fanboy, so I barley know anything about AMD CPUs.


However, keep in mind if you want to stream the games, you are limited to 60Hz and the client still requires a "powerfull" machine (able to decode whatever resolution you wanna play at 60Hz + forwarding.

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