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  1. Or find out if Viewpower is based on one of these protocols
  2. I'm always getting the pro licences to support unraid a little bit. I could run all (but one server) with basic tro. Dropping a small disk or flash to backup the virtlib and boot-flash isn't a deal breaker I'm a bit concerned what happens if a VM will be running at 100% cpu which is required by unraid. Isolating the CPU, basically means losing a full core...
  3. "The devil I know" is basically my thought... just wondering if unraid will run without an array with just a pool or some unattached devices..?
  4. Hi Guys, I'm running a few unraid servers and am very happy. Now I need to add some hardware just for virtualization (windows 10 VMs). I don't need an array or raid as the data and backups are stored on another unraid server. Can I / Should I setup a box like that on unraid or rather go for another OS?
  5. Hi there, I have got that NIC and it seems unraid detects it (appears as eth and can be configured), but I don't get a link and can't see the port beeing used on the switch. If I boot on windows, it works fine. I assume It's a driver issue(?)... anything I can do? Or: which 10gb NIC should I get?
  6. I'm thinking of getting a Threadripper for Virtualization (Windows VMs). Does anyone has some experience and can compare with Intel? Right now I'm using some Intel HEDT which I oc by 30~40% (allcore!) and that setup performance very well - but the amount of cores is quite low for what I need I also do use nested virtualization (not sure it matters). Soooo... should I give AMD a shot or just keep adding more Intels?
  7. It's been quite a while since passthrough has been an "real" issue. I've been doing it with Nvidia an ATI no-stop. Why would you add an additional GPU for plex? Unless you have many clients and the server is quite "busy" most of the time, transcoding on the CPU is just fine. You might run into lane limitations with two GPUs - I'm an Intel fanboy, so I barley know anything about AMD CPUs. However, keep in mind if you want to stream the games, you are limited to 60Hz and the client still requires a "powerfull" machine (able to decode whatever resolution you wanna play at 60Hz + forwa
  8. I recommend Bluewalker if your server is in a separate room. They are quite noisy, but features, compatibility and price are amazing (~200USD for VFI with huge output and battery). Check this link.
  9. Using the native USB driver - I did not setup anything special.
  10. 256 on i9 10980 128 on i9 9900 32 on i5 11500 8 on a test nuc
  11. what version of unraid are you running? I'm on 6.9.x. I just plugged it into an USB port (2.0!) and could detect it via the USP settings. I'll be testing LAN soon...
  12. so on the first server I have the data, the initial snapshot and one delta? or can I get rid/avoid the initial duplicate/snapshot on the source server?
  13. I don't mind scripting but I still need a full snapshot on the source server?
  14. Could you elaborate a little bit or send me a resource to read up please?
  15. Hi, is it possible to work with BTRFS snapshots across two server? I'm running a cache on one server and would like to create snapshot backups (+ deltas) on the other one.
  16. done that and running a parity check to see if this was the issue. was just wondering if smart is already telling to replace the disk.
  17. Hi guys, I have a disk with read errors and attached the SMART report - could you tell me if that thing is still fine or if it needs to be replaced? knowlage-smart-20210409-1441.zip
  18. My Server suddenly become unstable, - what is happening, what can I do?
  19. Hi Guys, this keeps happening with different VMs Randomly, trying to start a VM this message pops up. If I restart some running VMs I can start also the one which would not start before and the issue is gone. Super annoying and keeps happening
  20. Corruption can occur any time, so my questions is how to overcome it. Full backup of the drive, sure... However if this is the risky part about BTRFS, I'd like to cover this with a little bit less effort (hardware wise). So... would it be possible to create a backup or an "external" RAID just for the file system? E.g. Having the array with all HDDs protected by parity, while the file system resides on a RAID 5/10 Pool of SSDs. Or just have a job that back ups the file system on an hourly/daily basis?
  21. I'm not talking about an empty file system. The data is protected by the parity. The Filesystem is not - so why not back it up?
  22. Sorry if it sounds silly, but is there a way to backup/replicate the filesystem without the actual data?
  23. Lets say I run into a filesystem corruption, can I just restore the whole disk with paraties in place?
  24. So the increased risk is losing the filesystem on a disk, but this can be recovered by the usual parity rebuild? If I want to backup something from another pool, I need to create an entry point based on a disk instead of a share, right? Anything else I do not see? Is there something like a "save procedure" to migrate from xfs to btrfs?