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  1. My disk 5 seems to have some read errors. Does it look dead? Or what shall I do with it? Thanks! knowlage-diagnostics-20200812-1837.zip knowlage-smart-20200812-1839.zip
  2. I'd like to create a windows VM which can not access the Lan nor the server itself. My scenario is like this: Send a WoL to the machine (done) VPN into the network with only access to the VM (the VM will probably have a static IP... and now?) VM can go to the internet, but can't do anything local This is probably possible, but I don't really know where to start... Wireguard is up and running and I do have access to all kind of router configrations.
  3. ty. Would you recommend anything to make sure the drive is really fine?
  4. So.... just new config? or how do I bringt it back into the array in a more appropriate way?
  5. Have a look please knowlage-diagnostics-20200807-1432.zip
  6. I don't think it's up again knowlage-diagnostics-20200807-1214.zip
  7. Connections are good - how do I get it back online the proper way (I don't think "new config" is correct).
  8. knowlage-diagnostics-20200807-0837.zip Hi Guys, I got a disk error - what shall I do?
  9. Hi Guys, once I passed through my GPU and shut down the VM, the screen for unraid remains black. Is it possible to revert the screen back to the console?
  10. I just did a similar procedure and it went without issues; First I installed, preclean and added larger disks. Now I excluded all target disks from all shares. I used unBalance to move all the data from the target disks to the remainers. Now I did a new config but removed the target disks and started a parity check. Remember to remov all the excludes from all the shares. Now I just used the target disks as unassogned disks and reformated them to another filesystem. You could also preclean them to make sure they are still working well. Copy the data once pariry is finished. I have about 30tb of data and the whole procedure took about 120hrs.
  11. Hi Guys, Is it possible to define a kind of dependecy for the container, so one will wait for another..? I have some DB containers running and after running the scheduled backup they take a while to be back up again. Other containers using those databases are then failing to start.
  12. How to fix it for the Future
  13. Hi Guys, I'd like to enable nested virtualization. I tried following the Guide for it, but it seems something has changed and I get XML error: Non-empty feature list specified without CPU model When I try to save my config file. I tried looking up the board, but the solutions I found here seem no longer to be valid. I'm using an Intel (i9-9900) CPU and SpaceInvaders script to enable nested virtualization: #!/bin/bash #set whether your cpu is Intel or AMD [1-Intel] [2-Amd] cputype="1" #Do not edit below this line #turn nested on if [[ "$cputype" =~ ^(1|2)$ ]]; then if [ "$cputype" -eq 1 ]; then modprobe -r kvm_intel modprobe kvm_intel nested=1 echo "Nested vms are enabled for intel cpus" elif [ "$pushnotifications" -eq 2 ]; then modprobe -r kvm_amd modprobe kvm_amd nested=1 echo "Nested vms are enabled for AMD cpus" fi else echo "invalid cpu type set please check config" fi sleep 10 exit
  14. I'm trying to isolate CPU's and just use those for the VM's rn - this is the diagnostics running one VM knowlage-diagnostics-20200720-1703.zip