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  1. Edit: Bridge works (not br0..?). Thanks... sometimes I'm just blind
  2. haven't tried it yet, gaming mostly on nvidia... but I'd b intrested in the results as well
  3. Did it, but nothing changed. Keep getting the same error while trying to start the server inside the container.
  4. Hey guys, after that last update the server won't start with that error appearing: service failed to start due to unresolved dependencies: set(['user']) service failed to start due to unresolved dependencies: set(['iptables_openvpn']) Service deferred error: IPTablesServiceBase: failed to run iptables-restore [status=2]: ['iptables-restore v1.6.0: Bad IP address ""', '', 'Error occurred at line: 148', "Try `iptables-restore -h' or 'iptables-restore --help' for more information."]: internet/defer:653,sagent/ipts:134,sagent/ipts:51,util/daemon:28,util/daemon:69,application/app:384,scripts/_twistd_unix:258,application/app:396,application/app:311,internet/base:1243,internet/base:1255,internet/epollreactor:235,python/log:103,python/log:86,python/context:122,python/context:85,internet/posixbase:627,internet/posixbase:252,internet/abstract:313,internet/process:312,internet/process:973,internet/process:985,internet/process:350,internet/_baseprocess:52,internet/process:987,internet/_baseprocess:64,svc/pp:142,svc/svcnotify:32,internet/defer:459,internet/defer:567,internet/defer:653,sagent/ipts:134,sagent/ipts:51,util/error:66,util/error:47 service failed to start due to unresolved dependencies: set(['user', 'iptables_live', 'iptables_openvpn']) service failed to start due to unresolved dependencies: set(['iptables_live', 'iptables_openvpn']) What's wrong? How can I fix it?
  5. Hey guys, I'm trying to enable a MicroSemi 1100 controller, but it seems unraid does not support it out of the box. Adaptec is offering plenty of support, so is there a way to load/include that driver and enable operation with the array/cache? Regards
  6. I see... any Suggestions? The LSI 2008 won't run stable in my machine (I tried several Cards). The most sable controller I had, was a Marvell Chip with multipliers. What else can I try? Maybe something with a Microsemi Chip? Or Marvell 88SE9485? Or PMC?
  7. Will it work?... I'm having trouble to run anything related to the cache right now. VM's, Dockers, etc....
  8. I'm tinkering with a new controller, as I can't get my LSI stable. From what I see this one is dieing or am I wrong? Anything I could/should try before returning it? knowlage-diagnostics-20190516-1711.zip
  9. Hey, I seem to get some cache checksum errors... How Can I fix those? May 16 18:58:21 Knowlage kernel: BTRFS warning (device loop2): csum failed root 415 ino 4940 off 13037568 csum 0xf8f991ef expected csum 0x20f7a8b5 mirror 1 knowlage-diagnostics-20190516-1659.zip
  10. All mappings are pointing to the cache, not to the container. The cache is RAID5 with about 1TB free space. Epic... 12GB of GitLab log... how do I clear that?!
  11. Hey guys, It's been a while since I added something to docker, but today I recieved a warning, that the image is at 70% usage. Shall/Can I do something about it? Shall I ignore it or increase the docker size`? I attached the Diagnostics. knowlage-diagnostics-20190515-1907.zip
  12. Hey guys, My Server just crashed and come back with some hardware Error messages, telling me to post it on the forums. I can see some weird errors there, maybe someone can give me some insight on what's going on or what to do here?... Thanks! knowlage-diagnostics-20190504-2241.zip