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  1. Seems like that does the job, but I don't feel very 'save' running a beta. Any way to include the driver into a stable build?
  2. Hi Guys, I just updated to a new mainboard/cpu and it seems I can't get a network connection. Running unraid 6.8.3. I tried resetting the network.cfg and also tried different dhcp/static settings. Nothing works - booting windows immediately connects to the router. current diagnostics attached - what can I do? knowlage-diagnostics-20201020-0207.zip
  3. I am going to run the images on a non assigned nvme. Should I create a subvol there or can I use "the whole thing"? As for now I am at about 1TB+ of VM's. I think I'll check the performance with a spinner and decide if I want to kill the SSDs or if I can live with a spinner - which I would only update every 2 weeks or so.
  4. raid10 with 4 it is. How would I restore it if one drive dies/drops, etc?...
  5. I'm about to perform the migration. Should I still use the domains share or should I use custom share for the used images? How would/should I set it up? What I gonna do: use a nvme for the images itself. Have a raid 10 SSD BTRFS cache where I keep the backups, but don't transfer those to the parity array (via mover or what so ever). Create a script that creates a new "root backup" every Sunday and creates increments from those on a daily basis. After I got 5 weeks full, I'll delete the latest... I'm wondering if I need to set this up file by file or if I can script it somehow on a folder/share basis...?
  6. Thats very detailed, thanks! I'm planing a single nvme drive for the VMs and using the cache (btrfs raid) as the backup location. If I'd like to copy a specific snapshot, could I just "copy" (e.g. cp or krusader) or do I need to do some kind of restore? Are the deltas created from the initial snapshot or from the previous?
  7. I've been struggling with btrfs quite a lot and went away from it in favor of xfs without a raid. I'd like to give it another try, but doing it the "right way". I can use 3 or 4 2TB SSDs, but those ain't the same model. I want a setup where a disk can die/fail and I am still able to restore the data or even run in a degraded mode until I have a replacement... Is this achievable and if so; how?
  8. How did you tell firefox not to do it?...
  9. I have very bad experience with btrfs and would like to avoid it - but might be an option as I would not create a raid with it. Do you happen to have some scripts to tinker around with?
  10. Hi Guys, I'm using the usual script to backup several VM's every day. I have about 700GB of images and the backup takes very long. Sure, it's writing images to a hdd which doesn't go beyond 150mb/s. I'm wondering what strategies/solutions you use to improve that process? What I have in mind right now is backing up to cache and having the mover transfer the files "later" to the hdd's, but I'm hoping for better ideas.
  11. Hi guys, I'm experiencing some weird behaviour. The second day in a row my server has become unresponsive over night. It drops from the network. I can access the local console, but nothing will be executed -> I can log in, but neither diagnostics, nor shutdown or reboot will do anything. I attached the syslog and I'll add a diagnostics if required, but it's gonna be after the reboot. Is there something visable in the log or is there something I can do to get more details on these "crashes"? syslog
  12. Hey! Nvidia just releases the new 30XX generation - was anyone already able to get one these and also was able to passthrough to a game VM?