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  1. Jaster

    VPN Provider?

    They seem very similar to air and just support 36 countries. I'm looking for a provider with around 100+ countries.
  2. Jaster

    VPN Provider?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a "good" VPN provider. I've been using airvpn, but they have only a very limited amount of possible locations/servers. NordVPN isn't an option. I'd like to have something which keeps my data private and offers a good variety of locations and is configurable with the usual vpn containers (aka supports openvpn). Any Suggestions/Experience?
  3. I found out, that the nextcloud container seems not to be reachable via the name, if I use the server ip, it's fine. every other container works fine.
  4. How can I drill down the issue? I haven't remaned the container and the port is pretty straight forward. It work for several other containers, but not for nextcloud.
  5. Stupid questions, which is the docker folder support thread?!
  6. Hi, erm... knowlage-diagnostics-20200504-0902.zip I can also see another pop up appearing very short before that one, it seems to say "docker folder error". Dockers are up and running fine. What shall I do?
  7. here is an example for a registry, that used to work and have stopped mcr.microsoft.com/mssql/server:2019-latest Maybe it helps debugging whats wrong
  8. Hi Guys, A while ago it was allright to add a container from a registry like dockerhub or a private one and unraid would detect updates to the container. Now I seem to always just get a "not available" - what happens or how can I fix it?
  9. Hi, I'm trying to use the linuxserver nextcloud container with this reverse proxy. Threre is not much needed in terms of configuration, which I have done. All I get is a 502 from nextcloud What are the common mistakes and how can I find out what isn't working? I have some other containers just working fine using the reverse proxy, but nextcloud doesn't.
  10. I got a quite simple question; if I want to enable http auth, where do I put the users/credentials?
  11. Hi, I've been using some custom containers with some icons which is just dropped in the dockerMan folder and gave those a name accoording to the cointainer image. This seems no longer to be working after I updated to 6.8. How can I use a local icon?
  12. Does the docker seem to be running? What does the docker log say?
  13. Question: Has anyone managed to connect to a sql instnace using any DDNS forwarding?
  14. 1. The SA password is only set when the container is set up. So if you set the container up, shut it down and change the password, it won't have any effect. 2. The whole thing fails if your password does not match the requirements (I'd say you are missing a special char there).