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  1. It's still free for personal and small business use which is the vast majority of Unraid users. Harry
  2. FYI for those with this chip in their system, I decided to write a driver for this chip since I plan on getting a QNAP TS-X73A unit for me Unraid setup and it has this chip. It will be a full hwmon driver that will work with the fan control plugin in Unraid. A good amount of progress has already been done and can be found here: https://github.com/Stonyx/QNAP-EC. I'll provide updates once it's actually usable. Thanks, Harry
  3. I forked the existing repo. Here's the link: https://github.com/Stonyx/PanQ I've been overhauling the existing code and making it more generic so that it works on more NAS models. In the process we discovered that the library from QNAP can be used directly to get the information from the chip so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna switch direction and use that instead of basing things on the reverse engineered code from the original panq. Should make the tool work on every model from QNAP that has this chip, in theory. All of that is really to get a better understanding of the existing tool and QNAP library so that the driver can be created. I haven't made a repo yet for the driver itself but will in the next few days. Good progress has been made on the driver though.
  4. Thanks. Once the development is done on it (I'm working on turning that panq tool into a kernel driver) it would be nice to have it part of Unraid. It's not a huge target audience but there aren't many alternatives to QNAP for a ready made NAS format machine that can run Unraid. Fan and temp sensor support seems to be the only missing link that prevents QNAP units and Unraid from being a perfect match.
  5. It's the panq tool. It allows monitoring the IT8528 sensor chip. Possibly also the iManager driver if I can get it to work correctly.
  6. I don't have my Unraid build setup yet but I was hoping to get this Docker container ahead of time since I'll need a custom driver module. Is the container available anywhere for download? I see the links have been removed from the first post. Thanks, Harry
  7. I'm looking to compile a tool that I will run on my Unraid setup. This tool requires the kernel headers to compile. I believe Unraid is based on Slackware so I'm assuming that compiling on Slackware would be the most appropriate. Is there a specific version that corresponds closest to Unraid 6.9.2? I'll also need to install the kernel headers on the machine that will be used for compiling and I was wondering if there's any information on whether the standard kernel headers on Slackware are what I should be using. If so, it is just a matter of matching the correct kernel version (I believe Unraid 6.9.2 is using kernel 5.10.28)? Or does Unraid have it's own customized kernel headers available somewhere that I should be using? Thanks, Harry
  8. I've been doing research into this topic and I came across this page https://github.com/rvido/iManager which seems to be the actual kernel driver for the IT8528 chip and when loaded exposes the sensors via sysfs which I believe is what the Dynamix Auto Fan plugin requires. I don't actually have a machine with this chip yet nor unraid setup so I can't try this out myself, however, would someone like to try compiling that driver and loading it to see if the fans can be controlled from unraid? Edit: it seems the IT8528 chip can run custom firmware and even though this driver is designed for this chip it is for different firmware. Thanks, Harry