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  1. Thanks, so even if it was something that didnt have a proper driver it would still at least be visible there? unfortunately i dont have another computer available to try. I contacted the seller and i am going to exchange the card for another so hopefully it was just that.
  2. Good Morning, Bought an Intel X520-DA1 10gb NIC and wanted to see if there were any known issues with it an unraid (I had seen a few posts in the past that folks said it worked). I recently bought one and then i look under PCI Devices and IOMMU Groups I do not see it listed. I tried a different slot (both slots worth with other devices) but i dont see it at all. It is also an X570 AMD motherboard if that matters I think the card is DOA but i wanted to make sure there wasnt something else i was missing. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the info. Is that still the case with the 3000 series threadripper chips, AMD seems to have sorted out the gaming performance with them. The Intel 10980xe though is on my list of chips to consider
  4. The GT 710 I have is an x1 card, right now i have it in an x1 slot on my Asrock X570 board without issue (My current unraid box is just a 3900X and the only gpu in it is the GT 710). Gaming is important to me, i understand that a VM loses performance over bare metal but I am hoping I can throw a bit more resources at it to make up for that loss. Thats good to know about the usb, i figured an addon card would just be easier but it is good to know it wouldnt be required. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the reply. I had considered a gpu for the plex transcoding (I have used a P2000 in the past) but i like the simplicity of using a cpu. More so than that though, I am concerned about running out of PCIE lanes as it is, so adding another gpu would make that even more likely. On the sound side of things, I use most of the time an external usb DAC so i would just connect that to my addin usb card and pass that through. When not using my DAC I also have a corsair usb headset so i would plug that into the same usb card. I am still sorting out what to do storage wis
  6. So I have heard from a few folks that have done a similar build (at least a gaming vm build) and it has been reliable for them. Right now I am debating the jump from something like a 3950X to the 3960X. If the 3960X is the only way to make it work ill save up a bit longer and go that route but if i dont have to spend the extra money id rather not ($750 vs $1400 for the cpu and $250 vs $450 for the mobo (also i am not sure my 750w psu would be enough at that point)) Right now my 3900X handles unraid and I have a small minecraft server on it (that i give 2c/4t) and then the rest is pre
  7. Hey all, So right now I have 2 separate systems, a 9600K/2080S VR Gaming Machine (attached a picture of it for reference) and a 3900X unraid build. On their own they work great but there is definitely some wasted resources between the two. I thought it would be really cool to do a single crazy water cooled Threadripper 3960X build but i am worried about how reliable VR gaming will be in a VM. I have read that buying a usb addon card and passing through the entire card helps and i dont mind some tinkering/process to get it setup initially but i dont want to mess with it every d
  8. Thanks for doing the giveaway. My favorite thing has always been the flexibility, being able to mix and match different disk sizes and easily being able to add/remove disks from the pool. I would love to see multiple cache pools, IE a cache pool for only my vm's and dockers and then another cache pool for just acting as a write cache
  9. Thanks, that sounds promising. I really want to move back to unraid but only if i can get a 9th gen cpu to passthrough its igpu to a vm (to do plex transcoding)
  10. From what im reading, sounds like this isnt easy to get up and running still (I will have a 9900k for the build). Plan was to run a Plex Windows VM and then passthrough the igpu but it sounds like it might not be feasible?
  11. I dont want to use the P2000 because the server is getting retired and i want to move to something much smaller
  12. Yeah in that link though "Note: Emby will both decode and encode using the Nvidia GPU, Plex currently only encodes." Afaik with Plex the only way to get encode and decode with a gpu is within Windows (I have a Quadro P2000 within a windows VM currently FYI, It was in unbuntu and i switched to windows because of this)
  13. ah gotcha, no worries thanks for explaining. My NAS has the Intel Celeron J3455 so I am going to try that first but if it doesnt have quite enough grunt i need something that can run the following, -Plex transcoding (no 4k Content, all 1080p but ideally up to 10 concurrent streams) -Ombi -Tautulli -Torrent/VPN combo (I need the traffic of these to be segregated from everything else, so either its own container or VM or whatever)
  14. I am not sure what benefit that would be? The question is still there if i can reliably passthrough the iGPU (which i have read mixed results about). Also unless it has changed recently anything linux based cannot encode and decode with HA, only a windows setup can. Also with the windows VM i can run Ombi and Tautulli in there too
  15. I was thinking of getting this NUC - Intel Core i7-8559U/Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 are what is in it And my hope would be to passthrough the iGPU to a Windows VM for a Plex server but it seems like it will be hit or miss on if this is going to work