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This is really cool.  When I enable "shuffle slides" I get the black screen with no content to display.


If I get rid of that it will show what's currently playing and switch between that and 2 on demand titles it seems like.  It does seem like its showing TV shows that are not premieres.  Maybe I'm interpreting that wrong but I would expect that to mean it would show Bobs Burgers if a new season was about to begin, but not if I have the show in my library?  It seems to be showing old tv even with "Show Premieres" checked.


Also I think it would be really cool if there was a configuration that allowed it to show now playing and/or coming soon without showing on demand titles.  I'd like to put up a "poster" screen somewhere and have a now playing sign that when we are not watching something, will show us "coming soon" movies and new seasons of shows like you'd see in a theater.

I love this project.  Thank you!

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Dumb question... Maybe I simply didnt see a spot for it in the settings. Is there a way to not display the persons email address/username/etc. (USER INFORMATION) on the page? Right norwit shows the Now Screening followed by the poster and then at the bottom shows something like:


(TV-14), (1080p H.264), (English AC3 5.1), (Minutes), (% Watched,) (USER INFORMATION), (Platform)

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