dma crc error count and disabled Parity Drive

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i got some "dma crc error count" and then my Parity Drive was disabled.


The only thing i did, is disconnecting an 2TB Unassigned Disc and changed it against a 4TB one on the same port. Then started the backups script from this thread:


Diagnostic is attached.


Is there a way to bring my Parity Drive back online, without using "new config"?


I hope, you can help me. Thank you.

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10 minutes ago, mgutt said:

How is the parity drive connected? Possible to swap the cable?

Parity Drive is connected to an HBA: IBM ServeRaid M1015 SATA / SAS HBA Controller (IT Mode) with a Mini SAS 36 Pin-Stecker (SFF-8087) to 4 x SATA

i can swap from P00 to P01 on the HBA

when i installed this, i was very carefully and this worked since february 


what is the best way, to bring my parity back online?

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25 minutes ago, sonic6 said:

what is the best way, to bring my parity back online?

From my understanding, Unraid only disables a drive when it cannot write to it.

So, if it was disabled, the content of your Parity drive is probably out of sync with the Array.

You could do a new config and say that Parity is valid, but it is probably not.


Let's see what our more experienced users think of that.

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