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New to unraid, yet very impressed, I am trying to wrap my head around the networking part and find it hard to google my answers together regarding networking (though I'm probably simply doing it wrong). Can anyone help me with the following:


#1 Now say I have multiple VMs and want all of them to access a backup share located on their unraid host, which (from what I understand) should only be done via the network interface). Now, what would be the proper way to do this in order to make sure the network traffic is not actually running through the network to the switch and from there back to the (actually and physically) same machine, but instead route it internally (so to say). 


#2 Somewhat related (I think): when two docker container are exchanging data over the network (say nextcloud to MariaDB and vice versa). In the Docker tap, there is a column called "PORT MAPPINGS (APP TO HOST)" which has values like this one "". Can I use the first address (app IP?) to divert the traffic internally, so it does not get routed into the office network (didn't seem to work at all in my case, but this my be due to some other mistake I might have made)?


I would highly appreciate words of wisdom!

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If you don't pass through a Network Card directly to the VM, then it utilizes a virtual network card, in which case any traffic which is destined to the host, never traverses the physical network.


Docker port mapping.  When telling nextcloud to talk to mariadb, you refer to the HOST_IP:PORT (, not the 172.17... address (which is subject to change with every start of the container).  Once again, traffic will not traverse the physical network.

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