I am unable to access my server shares from Window Explorer anymore.

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I am unable to access my server shares from Window Explorer anymore.

Any ideas why? Think it is related to SMB maybe.


It says the remote device or resource wont accept the connection.


I am planning on upgrading the the current version. Will that fix this issue?

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It is unclear what your issue is since you haven't given us any real evidence to work with and only speculation about what the problem may be.


Unfortunately, it is difficult to get a lot of information from V5. How do you even know your files are still there if you can't access them?


Post a screenshot of Main and see here for how to get us more information:



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My apologies. 

I am running the following



I know the info is there, as my Xbox downstairs can still access the server and watch movies and shows. 

It appears to be just my Windows 10 PC that is having the issue connecting.


Here is the error.



If you need anything else, let me know.

Appreciate your time and help.


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6 hours ago, jonathanm said:

Probably need to enable SMB V1


But you should plan to upgrade Unraid if you want to keep using it. I recommend budgeting for a new pair of hard drives at the same time, that way you can be sure of having enough free space to do the recommended file system conversion after you upgrade.


thanks, but that didnt seem to work.

*scratches head*

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There are several places where MS has made changes to the WIN10 security profile over the past years.  You might want to read here:




While you might think that this does apply to you since you are still running version5, changes are happening elsewhere in the world.  I can think of no reason why these recommendations would not work for version 5.  If nothing else, it will show where you have might make changes to your current WIN10 setup to force SMB into an unsecured mode so it will work with the default Unraid SMB settings.


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