Node-RED can't see changing states

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I've got Node-RED installed as a docker and it can see states on devices I share with it from my Hubitat hub at the time of deploying a change but if a state changes in Hubitat, the state doesn't update in Node-RED because the POST isn't getting through.


This prevents my flows from starting because they don't know a state has changed.


I've been told to look at whether the ports are open on my node-red docker to allow posts from the hub, the hub sends it's posts to:


How do I ensure 1880 is 'open'? I'm running the docker with its own IP on br0.


Or am I missing something?



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...br0 should enable all ports (or rather not restrict to certain mapped ports), that is the whole point of using it.

Besides, Port 1880 ist the standard port for NR...when you can connect to the NR-WebUI, the port *is* open....your problem lies elsewhere.

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