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Did an upgrade from unraid 6.9.2 to 6.10rc1 and GUI Logon did no longer work with the password i used

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47 minutes ago, Anubclaw said:

Dear Support,

I just wanted to give feedback on the 6.10rc1 build upgrade from 6.9.2:

After the upgrade the login with my previous Login did no longer work - I had to do the password reset procedure but then all worked as expected. Just a 1st impression on the build-

You should post that in the bug report section.



Either on the release post or as a separate thread.

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But won't be very useful without diagnostics.

Well I fixed the issue in the meantime by a password reset. The thing I noticed was that login was not possible anymore - that unraid.net account connection was there before the upgrade. It was easy to fix but made my heart almost stop seeing the issue first - since the password reset took out all accounts created there is not much additional diagnosis I could do I think

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