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Array (Disk1/Parity) always active

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Hey there,


I just configured 3 6TB HDD's and one 512GB NVME as cache. One of the 6TB HDD is the parity drive.


Now i recognize that the 2nd Drive is always in sleep mode. The 1st and the parity drive seems to be always active, even if i try to spin down the drives, they will always start few seconds later. I already checked with plugins "open files" and "file activity" if there is any access to the data, but it itsnt. For testing i deactivate Docker and VM. 


I want to use Unraid in the best practice way, so i think the array should only the cold-storage method, so that they only spin up during the night when the cache is moving to it. But how?


Would be nice if you can give me any tips. :)



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