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Unmountable: No file system error on remaining drive after removing drive.

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I saw the thread from yesterday and tried the step recommended in there to set the disk from Auto to XFS but unfortunately that didn't fix my issue.


I only have 4 drive slots so I'm juggling some disks and moving around some files while I try to replace my drives. After replacing the parity drive I'm getting an Unmountable: No file system error on my storage drive. Attached is my diagnostics. 



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I don't know why you would want dual parity with only a single data disk.


1 minute ago, grattu said:

Yes I did, I removed a 500GB drive so I could add my new 4TB drive for parity. 

Not clear which of my posts this is in reply to.

2 minutes ago, grattu said:

No, I removed a 500GB drive to be replaced with a 4TB for parity.

And so you did New Config without the 500GB disk and let it rebuild parity?


Are you sure you didn't assign your data disk to a parity slot?

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12 hours ago, grattu said:

I'm fairly certain I didn't

Still don't know what exactly you are replying to.


You can quote the text you are replying to by selecting it and clicking "Quote selection" when it appears.


And please reply to each question. They have been asked for a reason. I still don't know what you have done because your replies are confusing and incomplete.

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