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Parity and Disk 1 failed


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Looking at your diagnostics it looks as though you started getting problems on parity2 and then only a bit later on disk1?


Problems on 2 drives at the same time is more often not the drive but an external factor with the most common being the power/SATA cabling not being properly seated.


The SMART information for parity2 looks OK so that drive is probably OK, but there is no sign of disk1.


I would suggest powering down the server, checking the cabling; and then powering back up to see if disk1 comes back online (and if so post new diagnostics so we can see its SMART info)

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Thanks for your fast answer !
I m a bit lost and afraid to lose my datas !

What should I do ? Remove the disk 1 from the array and restore it? 


I would follow your instruction, and let you know in 2- mn ! 




Thanks !

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There was a change - disk1 now shows up in the SMART information and shows no obvious problem so the drive may actually be fine.


Do the contents of the emulated disk1 look OK?  Asking because what shows on the emulated disk is what you end up with after a rebuild.


Do you have a spare disk you can rebuild to (safest).  If so rebuild to that keeping the old disk1 intact until the rebuild completes successfully (and you can then test its health).  If not you can try rebuilding to the old disk1.  The processes for both cases are covered here in the online documentation that can be accessed via the Manual link at the bottom of the Unraid GUI.

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I m back after changed the hard drive by a new one; 

I change the hard drive and start a re building but I still have an issue: one of my parity disk and the new one are with red dot . I don t understand why ...

Do you have any suggestion? I bought new Sata cable aswell I ll change the tomorrow ...

Thanks !


Please kindly find attached the diagram ...



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