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Fujitsu 9211-8i Controller

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Hi Guys!

Sorry if this is not allowed to post here, im pretty new to Unraid and im trying to understand everything.

Right now im looking for an extra SATA controller because my 6 SATA ports are allready full in my main motherboard.
I'm running Unraind 6.9.2 on Z490 Phantom Gaming 4 motherboard

I found this controller on Ebay for a good price, but i dont know if its compatible with my MOBO or Unraid.
I see that 9211-8i on the "compatible list" of Unraid, but not the Fujitsu version.

Does anyone have some expierence with this controller?
Is it working 'out of the box' or do i need to flash/mob this one? <-- i never did this before..



Actually what i want is something 'easy' and 'plug and play'
And for personal reasons i dont want to buy second hand hardware on Ebay or Amazon. I dont mind paying a few extra bucks for Retail hardware. 
But if you guys can guaranty me that the Fujitsu 9211-8i is working, than i will buy that one.

Please let me know your thoughts.
Thanks in Advance!

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On 9/7/2021 at 6:00 PM, JorgeB said:

If it's flashed to IT mode as the link suggests it's plug and play, and a good option.


I'm also looking for a new LSI 9211-8i or 9207-8i but I'm not sure if thouse cards that from China sellers are real original geniue cards for 70$.

can some one who buyed to post a picture of card? Or confirm that it's original cards? 

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If someone purchased one and it was either genuine or fake does not mean that you will get either a genuine or fake card.


General rule of thumb:  If the seller of a card is from Asia and the card is listed as being new and it's incredibly inexpensive compared to the SRP of the card, it's probably counterfeit.  You may or may not run into trouble. 


Once you do receive it, then deal directly with Broadcom (pictures, S/N etc) and they will let you know if it's genuine or not.

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