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Own two license, can I easily move the pro key to my plus server?


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Because of this: 


I would like to use the pro license that I have, is there an easy way to do this to keep everything as it is on the server just upgrade the license to my pro license? I'd also like to use the plus usb drive as it's newer and larger so I would prefer to not just copy things over to the older pro device


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Make backups of both flash drives.  (VERY IMPORTANT STEP!!!!)


Now remember that the license file (that is the .key file) is in the /config folder.


Now copy the /config folder from the backup folder for the Plus flash drive to the actual Pro Flash Drive overwriting its contents. 
Now go to the backup of the Pro Flash drive and copy the Pro.key  in the /config folder to /config folder on the actual Pro Flash Drive.  
Now plug that Pro Flash Drive into the old 'plus' server and it will now boot up using the Pro license.

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1 hour ago, trurl said:

Each license is associated with a specific flash drive GUID. To use a license on a different flash drive, it has to be transferred to the new flash GUID, and the old flash GUID is blacklisted.


Is this a pro license that you already had before you had the problem in that thread you linked?


So I don't want to lose a license, I feel like if I transfer the Pro to the Plus drive I will lose the Plus license. Maybe I should just get a new usb drive and transfer the pro to that?

The problem is the plus license is the one in my main machine now and it has the drive limit so to avoid a similar issue I want to just use my pro license instead.

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All your settings (and licence for each drive) are stored in the config folder on the flash drive.      You can switch the drives over by copying the config folders over and then putting the correct .key file for each drive into the respective config folders.  Only takes a few moments to do this, but as was suggested first make a backup of the config folder from each drive in case you make a mistake.   Once that is done it is just a case of booting the servers off the correct flash drives.

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1 hour ago, trurl said:

What seems to have been missed is that you want to use your pro key on a different flash drive than the one it is registered to.


I admit I skipped over this in the OP's first post.


@detz, OK, you have two licenses that you have purchased.  They can be used on any Flash Drive of your choosing.  HOWEVER, when the license is reassigned to a new Flash Drive, the old Flash drive will be 'blacklisted'.  Moving the license from one Flash Drive to a new one is now largely automated.  See here:




3 hours ago, detz said:

I'd also like to use the plus usb drive as it's newer and larger so I would prefer to not just copy things over to the older pro device



So this whole discussion is about saving $6.00 to $10.00.  I do believe that you can move the PRO license to the current Plus Flash Drive without a problem.  But I don't think you can then assign the current Plus license to the 'old' PRO Flash Drive as it will then be blacklisted.  (You could e-mail Tech Support and they might be able to accommodate you after you explain what you want to do...)

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Thanks, so I think the best course of actions is


  1. Buy a new usb drive
  2. Setup the new drive, copy the config file from the Plus drive (the config/setup I want)
  3. Copy the key from the pro usb drive
  4. Start the array and have it reassign this key to the new usb drive.
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