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I added a drive to the array, but shares do not show it as a choice I can pick.


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I added drive 7 recently.  It looks good on the "main" tab.  But when I go to a share, I cannot pick the drive.  Here is the 2 screenshots, and diagnostic zip:



Notice below, I can only pick drives 1-6 for a share.  Why dos it not show Disk 7?




I just realized it shows as a Disk share. see below.  I don't know how it happened.  I am guessing I need to stop it from being a disk share.  How do I do that?



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I found this in the unraid docs:


Disk Shares:  These are shares that relate to individual drives within the Unraid system. By default, if User Shares are enabled then disk Shares are not enabled. If you want them this is done under Settings->Global Share Settings. They will then appear under a new section on the Shares tab.

I guess I need to wait for my mover to finish, then stop the array, then see if I can fix it there, at "Settings->Global Share Settings".  I did not do anything there previously to cause this problem.  The only thing unusual, is Drive 7 used to be my parity, before I got a new parity.

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"Settings->Global Share Settings", "Enable disk shares:" was set to "auto".  Now is set to "No".  Then I could pick disk 7.  So I am back to normal. 


Why did I not have this problem when I added disk 4, 5, and 6?  


Help says "If set to Auto, only disk shares not participating in User Shares may be exported."  

Question 1)   If I add a new disk, does it immediately go to disk share before I have a chance to put it in User Shares?

Question 2)   Help says "may be exported", but for me it was exported.  Why does help use the word "may".

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44 minutes ago, xrqp said:

Why does help use the word "may"

You can specify that it not be exported in settings for the disk.


45 minutes ago, xrqp said:

Why did I not have this problem when I added disk 4, 5, and 6?

When you added those disks, you must have added them to included disks for user shares in Global Share Settings.


As mentioned, if you don't list any specific disks to be included, all disks are included. That is the default setting. You must have made the settings yourself to only include specific disks, and the specific disks you included were all of them until you added the new disk and didn't specify it.


What do you have for included disks now? If you don't have a list of disks to include, then when you add additional disks, all disks will be included.


Include means only the listed disks, Exclude means except the listed disks. Similar settings exist for each user share and work the same way.


Default is always include all and exclude none. That is how it is set unless you change it.


If you do decide to include or exclude, do one or the other not both. There is no good reason to do both and plenty of opportunity to make these conflict if you set both.

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I had checked each disk to include in user shares.  Maybe I forgot I did that when I added disks before.  I will change it to be no disks checked, so all are included automatically. 


Regarding the "may" vs "will", for me it made the disk into a disk share, without me doing any checking of any check boxes.  But as time goes on, I may understand it better. 


Thanks very much for the extensive help in your replies.

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