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Proliant DL380P G8 How to make it work ?


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I already have a custom server running well, but I need more power ... 
I have a DL380P G8 that I can transform to unread server; I tried but isn't working  ... I guess is because I have a pic 420i  ?

I can see only one of my HD  with name LOGICIAL


I read can I can buy a card like HPE H220. is it a good solution ? Is it plug and play ?

I found this on Ebay: HP h220 6gbs PCI-E 3.0 Adaptateur HBA LSI 9205-8i 9207 p20 IT

Thanks a lot for you advise :)





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You can switch the P420i card into IT mode (plenty of guides on the web), then it will stop being a RAID controller, and your individual disks will appear in unraid. You’ll need to tweak the drive config in unraid to get the individual disk temperatures showing correctly, but other than that it should work perfectly (of course, using another HBA card will also work but you’ll need to buy longer mini SAS cables as the internal cables aren’t quite long enough, also the drive LEDs may not work either, it depends on the HBA card firmware IIRC)

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I think I used this guide for getting the raid card into IT mode (HBA) 
Then decided not to use one of my DL380p for unraid as I would have to buy another licence but instead I made it into proxmox then truenas scale (x4 times so far) just can't get any to run how I want.
But my asus server with LSI 2008 (IT mode) has been working flawlessly for about 12 months.



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