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Network adapter: virtio vs virtio-net ?


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That was a helpful read but also seems to raise even more questions than I can wrap my head around. Short answer, just use virtio-net for stability (which I am trying to achieve)


For some reason, I am unable to get internet access on a windows VM. Tried switching between the two Network Model types - no difference - both complain about DNS not working. Every other device on my network (real devices) use the same DNS (router IP) which then uses or


The VM internet was working seemingly until I ran this:




Before I ran that, I manually installed all the missing drivers and everything seemed good but did this just for fun. Any known data suggest this is a bad idea? Any way to undo it? I've tried manually uninstalling/deleting network adapter and re-detecting but still nothing.


Edit: setting a static IP and DNS work fine... maybe IP conflict

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