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[Solved] Unraid Unstable and Crashing Frequently. No Information in the Syslog


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Hello Unraid community,


I come in dire need of support with a problem i've been fighting with my Unraid server for over two months. This is a completely new installation but i'm running on used components. I'm working on a tight budget and am unable to afford brand new components. However many of the core things came out of my already working gaming PC.


My problem is that the server doesn't make it to 16 hours of uptime before crashing and being completely unusable. When it crashes, the webGUI is inaccessible, the physical console does not respond to keyboard input, and any SMB shares go dark. The system remains powered on, and will, after a considerable amount of time reboot and be back to normal - and begin running a parity check due to the unexpected shutdown. I have tried running a tail on the syslog from the console, but the console always times out before a crash occurs. So when I try to wake up the console after a crash, I cannot see the syslog since it won't respond to keyboard input.


To remedy this, I tried porting my syslogs to the installation media. It records the syslog correctly, but there is absolutely no valuable information that points to a reason for the crash.


My system has the following hardware:

Items with a "~" were not installed when these problems first occurred, and may have been installed to try and fix the problem.


And here is what I have tried so far with no luck:

  • Removing individual PCI components
  • Changing RAM
  • Changing RAM slot
  • New Motherboard
  • Re-seat and analysis of CPU pins
  • PSU supply voltage check


So with all of that and no luck, what would your suggestions be to try next? Or do you know of a way I can get more verbose logs? I am really wanting to use Unraid as it seems to be the best platform for my NAS, but these issues are getting extremely frustrating. I would even be up for installing a bootable Linux distro to another flash drive if it means I get more debugging tools. I just don't know what would be the most beneficial distro to use, or the process for collecting the data on that...


Thank you!


P.S. I didn't see anything remarkable in the syslog, but I attached a few of the last lines in the file in case you guys see something I don't...


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After upgrading from a HP Micro server gen 8 to an Asrock B550M steel legend motherboard with a Ryzen 7 3600X and 64GB of ECC memory my server was crashing all the time, totally unusable, I could even a reboot by scanning the library in jellybean so I tried all the fixes and work around's such as:


1, Disable C states in Bios

2, Set the power supply idle control setting to:  typical current idle

3, Opened a command prompt, cd'd to the /usr/local/sbin/directory and ran the zenstates --c6-disable command to disable C6


Nothing worked, the fix for me was to downgrade Unraid from v 6.12.3 to 6.12.2


I left all the work around's in place but that seems to have resolved the issue


This also worked with a Ryzen 5 650G Pro CPU on the same motherboard

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