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Possile Failing hard drive. Need Help with logs


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Hello Guys,

       I purchased 4 6tb Seagate Exos drives in december but, wasn't able to use them until now. Finally finished my build and everything was working great for the past 2 days. I decided to use the spin down after 15 minutes option. Wake up next morning and I am getting errors on my 2nd disk. Which are as follows from the attributes table: 

5 Reallocated sector count 0x0033100100010 Pre-fail Always Never 1696

197 Current pending sector 0x0012100100000 Old age Always Never 200

198 Offline uncorrectable 0x0010100100000 Old age Offline Never 200


I have had seagate drives fail on me in the past too just thought with their premium line up would keep it together better. 


Could someone help me understand the logs and should I go for my warranty. Sadly I purchased them from another country they did say they will help me if it fails. 


The smart tests failed the reports are attached. And if you think formatting the drives would help eliviate the issue do let me know the steps for that would be greatly appreciated. 


I am attaching one report from disk 1 which passed so you have something to compare these to. 

roshark-smart-20210922-1133.zip roshark-smart-20210922-1112.zip roshark-smart-20210922-1154 Disk1.zip

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Ok I will do that I will test all my drives. I am really new to this and sadly sending the drive out and back cost almost as much as the drive. Hopefully Seagate in my country could rectify the situation.

Thankfully I didn't have much on the drives. I will go ahead and look up Faqs on removing a drive off the array. 

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