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Disk Offlined - bad disk or bad connection?


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Hey guys, I recently had a power outage, and ever since, I am stuck with a disk that keeps getting offlined due to write errors.  The disk itself is less than a year old, and SMART and xfs_repair both report no errors, and it's been fully functional up until the power outage (no errors).  I have tried to re-add the disk to the array twice now, but it's failed both times with the same write errors.  I've attached my SMART report and what I think are the relevant sections of the Syslog.  To those with more experience, does this look like a bad disk or more like a bad cable?

WDC_WD40EFAX-68JH4N0_WD-WX62D10LETLZ-20210924-1847.txt syslog.txt

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Sep 23 17:11:44 NAS02 emhttpd: unclean shutdown detected


Sep 23 17:11:28 NAS02 kernel: ata4.00: ATA-10: WDC WD40EFRX-68N32N0,      WD-WCC7K2UYA57Z, 82.00A82, max UDMA/133
Sep 23 17:11:28 NAS02 kernel: ata7.00: ATA-10: WDC WD40EFAX-68JH4N0,      WD-WX62D10LETLZ, 82.00A82, max UDMA/133
Sep 23 17:11:46 NAS02 kernel: md: import disk2: (sdc) WDC_WD40EFRX-68N32N0_WD-WCC7K2UYA57Z size: 3907018532 
Sep 23 17:11:46 NAS02 kernel: md: import disk3: (sde) WDC_WD40EFAX-68JH4N0_WD-WX62D10LETLZ size: 3907018532 
Sep 23 19:08:11 NAS02 kernel: ata4: hard resetting link
Sep 23 19:09:49 NAS02 kernel: ata7: hard resetting link

Connection problems on disks 2,3


Both disks look OK, but you should set Unraid to monitor attributes 1 and 200 for WD disks. Click on a disk to get to its settings.


Check connections, both ends, SATA and power, including splitters. Maybe replace cables.


27 minutes ago, h0rnman said:

re-add the disk to the array

What exactly do you mean by this?

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4 minutes ago, trurl said:

What exactly do you mean by this?

I stopped the array, set that slot to No Device, Started the array, Stopped, Added it back as Disk 3, then restarted the array one last time.  Both times I've done this, I get those write errors.


I'll have a chance to check connections tonight.  I'm hoping that's all it is.

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