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Unmountable disk issue


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Hi all,


A friend of mine has recently set up an unraid server following some issues they ran into whilst using SMR drives with trunas.


The other day he had a disk go down and the GUI said it had an unmountable file system, and gave the option to format.


He has reseated the cables and done a SMART test, the results of which, came back okay with no issues.


Last night I went over and did the xfs_repair via the GUI and now the file system is mountable again and he's able to read files on the drive etc. (confirming that parity is still okay) however the drive is still disabled. At present we're trying to move the data off the disk, using unbalance, to his 2 other disks (around 2.7tb) and it's going incredibly slow, around 2mb/s.


A few questions, 1) Is there a way to bring the disk back online as the SMART report came back okay. 2) As unbalance is running at present, is it okay to just stop it if needed ? 3) any ideas as to why unbalance would be going this slow ?


I can get him to provide me with any additional information needed on request, he's not a fan of forums so I'm posting on his behalf.



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The way to get a disabled disk back online is to rebuild it.   Does the emulated drive contents look OK as this is what would end up on the disk after a rebuild as the rebuild process simply makes the physical drive match the emulated one.  No real reason to move the files off the drive before doing a rebuild.


if you provide the system’s diagnostics zip file this might give a clue as to why unbalance is running slow (and also show if there is any other potential problem).

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To follow up from this...


We stopped unbalance, removed the duplicate files using MC, tried to rebuild the disk and that's when we enter into a loop of rebuilding, drive going offline, doing a read-check, it passing, smart test's passing and then repeat.


Today whilst starting to do the rebuild once more before my freind replaces the drive all together, I noticed this in the logs:




Anyone have any ideas at all ?


Thanks in advance :)

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Emulated disk1 is mounted and has plenty of data, so rebuilding should be OK.


Nothing currently assigned as disk1 though. According to your earlier diagnostics disk serial ending Z5NT was disk1. SMART for that disk looks OK.


The syslog snippet you posted earlier doesn't appear in either diagnostic since syslog resets on reboot. Looks like a connection problem. How is this disk attached?

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That’s what we thought as well, but when trying to rebuild that’s when the issues have started.


Agree that it looks like a connection problem from the sys log snippet. The drive is connected to an LSI HBA, I want to say 9211, it’s definitely one that’s on the hardware list on the wiki, we were careful to check that. 

There are 5 drives total connected to it and it’s just this one with issues. The power is connected by a molex-sata splitter, so could be an issue there perhaps ? 

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