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SMB extra config - root share with excluded (or included) folders


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looking for a bit of info on this also but can't quite make it work as needed.


With the below settings and in Each Shares SMB Security set to Private, a guest has no access. anonymous users can't access certain shares (they will still see the folder) but I am struggling to also get proper access as a user also though.


personally I have this in my SMB Extra settings

path = /mnt/user
comment =
browseable = yes
valid users = matt
write users = matt
vfs objects = 

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On 9/29/2021 at 6:08 AM, Mushin said:

I've set up a rootshare for /mnt/user/ in the SMB extra config. I'd like to prevent sharing certain folders though, e.g. appdata. Is there any way to exclude a path from the share, or otherwise is it possible to set up multiple paths under the same share (i.e. 'include')?

Rather than sharing  /mnt/user, share /mnt/user0  This will exclude the cache-only shares as I remember. 


To see what this path includes run this command string in the terminal window:

ls -al /mnt/user0


I know what you (both) are trying to do but I don't know if I totally agree with the concept.  Make sure that you have all of the required parameters (with the proper syntax) in the SMB Extras file.   If you miss anything (or have a syntax error), you could open a massive security hole.  (This is not something for a neophyte to be trying to do!!!)

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