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I installed UnRaid 3.7 on a USB drive connected to a dedicated machine. For the moment I got 2X2.0TB WD drives installed and 1X2TB Seagate Drive for Parity for 4 TB of storage. I transfered around 1.5 TB of data without problem from another 2TB drive connected on another Win 7 computer. Now when I try to open a file from an UnRaid share from that same Win 7 computer I get No Response. So if I open a Video file with Media player , No Response. If I try to open an image file with whatever program, no response. But with a 2KB text file I can open it. XBMC Live from 3rd computer is always freezing when I try to add files to the library so no response again. I see the shares but as soon as I try to add files or update an existing library XBMC freeze. My Unraid computer is a 20 Watts AMD Athlon II U160 CPU  with MSI 785GM-P45 MoBo and 4GB DDR3. The XBMC computer is a ZBox ID11 from Zotac. I really don't know what is the problem...I still can send files from my Win 7 computer to the NAS an no errors but I cannot read those files....

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.... My Unraid computer is a 20 Watts AMD Athlon II U160 CPU  with MSI 785GM-P45 MoBo and 4GB DDR3 ....


I would suspect the network controller on your motherboard.  It uses the Atheros AR8131M.  A quick search suggests this may not be filly compatible with some versions of unRAID.  I would be tempted to try the 5.0b12a beta version which is using a more recent Linux kernel and drivers to see if that either fixes or changes the problem.



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