HGST SAS Refurb 8TB $64.75

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Thinking about picking up a couple of these for the price... The closest compatible drive I have found of recent was for $110 with a 5 year warranty... 


Edited the title from One day sale... seems like the email that I had for this "deal" was misleading... ah well it's still live and IMO still a good option


What are your thoughts?


HGST 8TB SAS3 3.5" HDD - HUH728080AL4200


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Just in case other folks miss it like me, these are SAS drives, not SATA.


OP, you might want to add SAS and refurbished to the title.  It's a good deal, imo, if you're ok with refurbs.  I have a 4 yr old 6TB HGST SATA refurb drive that's been going strong, but I guess it's luck of the draw.

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I would personally stay away, looks like a scam site.  No contact information at all, all the pictures look different like they were taken elsewhere and there's legitimate sellers who have HGST 8TB refurbs with 5 year warranties for about $90-$100.


If you want to try it I would suggest using a virtual card and see if it actually ships.

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