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  1. Hi all, Just thought I'd share a few scripts I wrote and packaged up as a docker for auto sleeping/waking up a Plex server. This docker, called WakerUp works in the following scenario: You have a stand-alone Plex server running on Linux (preferably Ubuntu). You have a firewall/router capable of logging firewall accesses to a file or syslog server. Your Plex server can be remotely woken up via a Wake-On-Lan magic packet. You can ssh into your Plex server. If so, then WakerUp will run on your Unraid system as a docker container, and it will remotely m
  2. It is, in fact, stealing (return fraud - price arbitrage) and is prosecuted, for example, as petty theft/shoplifting in CA., so please don't do it.
  3. $160 now at
  4. Curious what your idle power is showing at the wall (with hard drives in standby and no high-cpu processes running like transcode)?
  5. Do you know what the idle power of this board is?
  6. Their infamous 3TB drives really drove me crazy. One actually failed in such a way that it would overload the rails on power-up causing my server to power-cycle continuously. I don't know if it was related, but my motherboard never posted properly after that (intermittent power-up) and had to be replaced; expensive avoton board too! Haven't had any issues so far (knock on wood) with two 4TB Seagates and a 5TB SMR in the last year.
  7. Heads up that the new 8TB Helium drives from WD appear to be shipping and can be had for $250 at either or for the External version. This appears to be a discount over the $300 list price right now. Model number is WDBFJK0080HBK-NESN
  8. Great deal. Also a $20 rebate, so net $270, right?
  9. Since these are 7200RPM, are these much noisier than the WD Reds while spinning and seeking?
  10. Does anyone know what's the drive inside here and if it's easy to harvest? Don't see any reviews or posts from a quick web search on using this as an internal drive because it seems to be a pretty new product.
  11. Still happens to me in 6.1.2. Thought I'd solved it by moving the Plex housekeeping to a different time from the mover, but it's started happening again in 6.1.2
  12. So, I seem to have had some success by doing the following (I have plex, sabnzbd dockers): Go into your plex server settings, Scheduled Tasks, and adjust your task start and stop times so that there is no overlap with the Unraid mover task time. For example, when I had all these freezing issues, Plex was running between 2am and 5am, and the mover was set to run sometime around 3am. I actually changed the mover to run at 5:10am (but you could also adjust the plex times). This seems to have stopped my sabnzbd docker from becoming unresponsive and having to hard-boot. So far, been runn
  13. Unfortunately, I've never been able to reboot cleanly after this issue, because the array does not unmount. It always keeps retrying to unmount the disk share. I checked that my clients are all powered down and I'm not cd'd into any disk shares (lsof|grep mnt does not return anything).
  14. Bump. Same problem here. I noticed SABNZBD docker was unresponsive, so I issued a stop from the webgui. Webgui then is unresponsive trying to execute the stop. I ssh in, and do docker stop or docker kill manually on sabnzbd, and the command just hangs forever. If I then kill the "/usr/bin/docker stop SABnzbd' process initiated by the webgui, the gui again is responsive. So it appears to be a docker problem. Basically, my only recourse here is to do a reboot without shutting down array, because I can't take the array down because it hangs on umounting shares, even though "lsof|grep m
  15. Well, I said they were quick :) ... but you might want to think twice about whether you want to "... dig up an old flash drive." A nice new one is likely to be more reliable and will likely have more space. The man has his wife demanding Plex!!! I think he just wants to get out of the dog house, I'm sure he'll be able to upgrade it to a nice shiny new one when he gets a minute either through the gui or by emailing Tom.. An upset wife is something I'd rather avoid and I suspect it's something we've all experienced and just about lived to regret... Just revertin