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Support thread for Membarr Unraid Docker template

Dockerhub: https://hub.docker.com/r/yoruio/membarr

Github: https://github.com/yoruio/membarr

Docker Template: https://github.com/Yoruio/unraid-templates/blob/master/membarr/membarr.xml

Discord: https://discord.gg/7hAUKKTyTd


What is Membarr?

Actively supported fork of Invitarr that adds Jellyfin support, and an updated Discord API, Membarr is a Discord bot that invites users from your discord server to Jellyfin or Plex. Either manually through a single command, or automatically when a role is assigned.


Why use Membarr instead of Invitarr?

Among other things, Membarr brings support for Discord slash commands with its updated Discord API, and Jellyfin integration. Membarr is also actively supported, with reported bugs being fixed quickly.


Clean Installation

Discord Application Creation

  1. Create a Discord application here: https://discord.com/developers/applications.
  2. Under the "Bot" tab, click "Add Bot", to create a bot for your application.
  3. Under the "Privileged Gateway Intents" section of the "Bot" page, make sure "Presence Intent" and "Server Members Intent" are enabled.
  4. In the "Bot Permissions" section of the "Bot" page, tick "Administrator"
  5. Scroll back up to the top of the "Bot" page, and click "Reset Token". Copy the newly generated token, and make sure to keep it in a safe place. We'll be using this later on.


Installing Membarr

  1. Install Membarr from Community Applications.
  2. Paste your bot token from earlier into the "Discord Bot Token" field, and click "Apply".


Inviting Membarr to Your Server

  1. Go back to your bot page in Discord Applications.
  2. In the Oauth2 -> URL Generator Page, select "bot" and "applications.commands" under scopes.
  3. Select "Administrator" under Bot Permissions
  4. Copy and go to the generated URL to invite Membarr to your server.


Migrating from Invitarr

Note: Membarr has a slightly different database table than Invitarr. Make sure you backup your app.db before running Membarr if you want to switch back to Invitarr in the future. See GitHub page for info on migrating backwards to Invitarr.

Membarr functions as a drop-in migration from Invitarr. Simply follow the steps for Installing Membarr noted above, but make sure to point the container config path at your old Invitarr appdata (e.g. /mnt/user/appdata/invitarr). All your old users will be migrated to Membarr.


How Do I Use Membarr?

Good Question. Check out the Github page for more information on how to use and setup Membarr after it is installed on Unraid and present in your Discord server!


Please feel free to ask questions, or really post anything related to Membarr under this topic. The main topic will be updated as changes to Membarr are made, or as bugs or issues are found.

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when i tell it to start in undraid, it will start for like 3 seconds and shut off. its a fresh install. this is the log.

Could not get Jellyfin external url. Defaulting to server url.
Plex disabled. Skipping Plex login.
Could not load plex config
Could not get Plex roles config
Could not get Plex libs config. Defaulting to all libraries.
Could not load Jellyfin config
Could not get Jellyfin external url. Defaulting to server url.
Could not get Jellyfin roles config
Could not get Jellyfin libs config. Defaulting to all libraries.
Could not get Jellyfin enable config. Defaulting to False
Could not get Plex enable config. Defaulting to False
Initializing Discord bot
Loading media server connectors
Connected to db
Table exists.
DB table version: Membarr V1.1
DB table up to date!
Could not get Jellyfin external url. Defaulting to server url.
Plex disabled. Skipping Plex login.

** Press ANY KEY to close this window ** 


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@matthew42904 What docker image did you switch to? If you switched to yoruio/invitar, please switch back to yoruio/membarr. The instructions on github were from before this app was on CA (fixed it now). Currenly. Yoruio/invitarr and Yoruio/membarr are mirrors of each other, but I might not be updating yoruio/invitarr in the future.

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I nuked my invitarr when it stopped working, setting this up from scratch, I cannot get it to connect to plex via discord commands, or the config file.  Just always get could not connect to plex.  I have plenty of other services that connect to plex with token\api, but I cant seem to get this to work.

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