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  1. I would like to switch over to the dev branch since the auth functionality with organizr got broken with the latest updates. How do I achieve this with this docker?
  2. These are bugs related to the game, not the container. There is a bugtracker for satisfactory where people have already reported the issues you are seeing. You may want to play on Update 4 in Multiplayer if you dont want to deal with Update 5 (experimental branch) being extremely buggy right now. @ich777 I saw your question about the -multihome thing I posted and the answer is....probably. They released some patch notes today saying they fixed whatever the issue was that caused the Linux based servers to stop working after the IPV6 implementation. Ill remove the -multihome option and update my server later and let you know if it works with the new changes the devs made.
  3. Thats my fault, I said extra parameters first when I meant game parameters. Im glad you've got it working
  4. Yes, under "game parameters" in the docker, just add "-multihome=". For whatever reason your error is reading in the parameter as "ultihome=". I have no idea why its reading "-m" as an argument and missing the rest of it.
  5. Just FYI, the new 5.0.6 update for Satisfactory borks the server, it will not start. Its been reported on their bug tracker already, so avoid restarting your server until they issue a new patch. Satisfactory Q&A (satisfactorygame.com) EDIT: NEVERMIND. ISSUE IS FIXED WITH -multihome= in the docker settings under "game parameters". Add this to fix your servers! Issue was caused by CoffeeStain adding IPV6 support
  6. Thank you for the advice. I will test it out when I get home.
  7. Probably a dumb question, but how do I configure the container to use a custom domain? Do I just put it in the address field in the docker?
  8. *deleted* Edit: ACTUALLY!! Just saw this update from Coffee Stain. They actually cite the wiki article I linked you earlier. So it actually is more functional now. State of Dedicated Servers in Satisfactory - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn-1s87JJxc
  9. Is a docker for Satisfactory possible? I can buy you a beer for your efforts For reference: Dedicated servers - Official Satisfactory Wiki (fandom.com)
  10. You are probably having issues because Sickgear has not been updated for the new changes with Qbittorent. I no longer use that program as I've moved to Medusa since the Sickrage/Sickgear drama...but thats my best guess as to why 4.2.0 doesnt work for you.
  11. Thanks for the instructions on rolling back to 4.1.9. 4.2.0 has not been whitelisted on several private trackers and probably wont be for a least a month for some.
  12. Thanks for the tip! I totally misunderstood what this was. I got it setup on my main PC and I was able to make a python script to remove the dead torrents
  13. Binhex, would you be able to implement qbittorrent-api? At the moment, you are unable to identify torrents that have been removed by a tracker. You have to manually go through each torrent to see whats going on with it. Other clients just put those torrents in an error status but qbittorent does not. I have asked on their github and was told that using the api would allow me to use scripts to run operations on the client like removing dead torrents.
  14. Any idea if this docker has support for the qbittorent web API? (https://pypi.org/project/qbittorrent-api/) I'm asking because I would like to try and run API calls to delete torrents that have been marked as "Unregistered" on the private trackers I'm on. For some reason, QT does not have native support for this and you have to use a script to remove these torrents.
  15. Im having constant issues with the docker bringing my server to a crawl. Im migrating from qbittorent and it seems like everything I do in rtorrent maxes out my CPU utilization on my server and locks up the server. I've had to force reboot twice already. Simple things like deleting dead torrents that have been removed from trackers or force rechecking files so that I can get everything migrated is causing the server to be at 100% CPU most of the time. Ive never had this problem before installing this docker. In order to keep this from completely killing my server, I run operations on 5 torrents at a time and even still, I have issues with that. Does anyone know what may be causing this? I'm going to have to disable this docker until I find out why this is happening.