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  1. could someone help me? i keep getting a error when i start the docker container
  2. im having a issue with bigsur when i run the macos base system. it reboots and when i hit base system again this message pops up. i have tryed a reinstall of everything like 10 times. edit: i just tried a manual install and the image is broken when downloaded
  3. he had my old website cashed and it was not over writing it
  4. never mind i found the issue its a cache issue on his end
  5. is there a way for me to dm you a link?
  6. i found the issue. i was hosting it but now my friend cant connect to it. all it dose was load and never connects
  7. im sorry if you have said this before but how do i change the port to something other then 80? i have been trying for the past 4 hours and cant find it. is there a way to tell it to change the port from the unraid gui?
  8. i was looking at a 7th gen when i wanted to build a server but i ended up getting a older server off of ebay that has a xeon
  9. thank you for the quick response and putting the link. i will take a look at it
  10. ya im trying to help my friend build a server and i remembered that my desktop did not work. do you have any motherboard that you would recommend?
  11. I wish unraid had a list of supported ethernet controllers because i know some realtek ones work and some do not. The realtek ethernet port on my desktop dose not work at all. I use to use a laptop that has a intel ethernet port and it worked just fine and the same goes for my server i just got. Is it possible to make a list or view the supported ethernet ports/adapters in the download of the os or the usb that has unraid?
  12. when i go to use virtmanager, it says no connection and i can not find out how to add one
  13. im having a issue pulling the image for the docker container. im trying a reboot but it keeps saying cant find image edit: its all good the app plugin for me crashed