[Support] joshgaby-tor-relay

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Overview: Support for Docker image joshgaby-to-relay.

Application: Tor - https://www.torproject.org/

Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/joshgaby/tor-server

GitHub: https://github.com/josh-gaby/tor-server


This docker will allow you to run a tor relay using the latest version of tor and obfs4proxy.


Initial Setup

  1. Create a folder appdata/tor-data/config (this will be used to store the config between restarts)
  2. Download sample torrc config file from here and edit as necessary (you can find details about possible configuration options here).
  3. Save this into the config folder created above.
  4. Create a folder appdata/tor-data/data (this will be used to preserve your relays keys/data between restarts)
  5. Edit the docker parameters and run it.



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