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  1. hopefully we get to see a T-Rex 0.24.0 version soon for the LHR workaround would be very good :)
  2. hey @Partition Pixel did you end up getting you hash rate any better? I've the same processor and getting around 7 mh/s as well
  3. I am farming on HPool I figure I have to re plot anyway so once official Farming pools come out I will start plotting from a new wallet address and discard the others which are compromised from giving the seed phrase out.
  4. how did you get the cert into the harvester im trying to follow Farming on many machines · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki (github.com) and i cant work out Run chia init -c [directory] on your harvester, where [directory] is the copy of your main machine /ca directory that you put in a temp folder. This command creates a new certificate signed by your main machine's CA. all i get is
  5. So ..you run a VM will a full install of chia client and point you PF to that IP then turn your docker into a harvester? And point that at your VM to sync?
  6. crisis averted =D I didn't have that space in line 6
  7. when trying to set this up it doesnt show me any drives im pretty sure its right in the .yaml
  8. I found out today if I am plotting I don't sync...then when i stop plotting it's syncs and when you plot again it stops again...so...seems chia can only do one thing at a time
  9. it will default to the 32k one or what ever it is using about 300ish GB for a plot with final size being about 106GB
  10. if you just wanted to run a container through a VPN and you have a docker with a VPN already running its quite easy to route the traffic through that dockers VPN the master him self space invader one shows how to do it...ill find the clip. save you having to run the VM just for that
  11. If you guys want to try this champions @guy.davis docker with plotman inside jump on his discord channel he has a walk through for template setup and it works well so far...or actually i just saw he has added it to get approved by CA so u can wait a little bit if you want and do it from there
  12. is the mnemonic.txt file just plain no punctuation or anything like just the 24 words. cat dog mouse farm chia and so on and so forth?
  13. @adminmat there is a docker coming with plotman in it
  14. what ever value you put in for the value of -n it will queue so this command will use 4gb ram 2 threads and queue it once so change the -n to 999 if you like and it will run that command 999 times before stopping docker exec -it chia venv/bin/chia plots create -b 4000 -r 2 -n 1 -t /plotting/plot2 -d /plots just adjust your command accordingly as that was for mine so the path might be different