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Hp Microserver Gen8 - How to keep the fan under control?

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I was gifted a microserver with a low power xenon and would be perfect for an offsite backup.  I pulled the flashdrive off the other full sized tower i was building for the backup and slapped it in the HP.  Boom, fired right up to Unraid. 


Seems to be working ok, system hangs a little bit.  My big problem (and a deal breaker) is the fan keeps hunting and i doubt the person who houses the offsite would want to hear a server fan ramping up/down.  It will be dead silent and then ramp up to high hell for a few min and then back down.  This is when NOTHING is going on with the server, i've dissabled vm engine and docker engine to be safe and the drives are spun down.  I tried Dynamix fan control plugin but no dice


Its running the bios from back in 2015 and i tried to update it, but it keeps erroring out when i try to update to the latest or 1 older (2018/2019 bios).  I poked around and couldn't find anything in the bios that would tame the fan down.  

Any ideas before i punt it?


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