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Messed up my network settings after installing 10gig card, can anyone tell me what is wrong?

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I installed a 10gig card the other day but now my network is all messed up, and I can't seem to connect to update plugins or anything. I really don't know what I am doing, I only really want to use the 10gig network on but the 1gig network card can't be removed from the system, and it doesn't look like I can disable it. Any help would be great because I can't download anything right now, but I have access to my home network on the server, just not the internet is what it is saying.

Unraid page error five.png

Unraid page error four.png

Unraid page error three.png

Unraid page error two.png

Unraid page error one.png

Unraid page error six one.png

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First of all, you need to rearrange your LAN cards.

Look down the Network Setting Page (or change to the "Rules for LAN Cards" Tab, depending on your GUI Settings)


Here you can see and change WHICH card gets the name "eth0". Change this to your 10G card and reboot.

The IP Settings will then be applied to your 10G card and the rest will be named eth1 to eth4. If you don't need them, you can disable them completly.


But first rearrange and reboot!


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