How to manually fix permissions.

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I'm trying trying to fix permissions recursively to the standard unraid permissions at the end of a User Script but I can't figure out how.

So far I have:


chown -R nobody:users /mnt/user/backups-gdrive/
chmod -R u=rw,go=rw /mnt/user/backups-gdrive/

But I know that directories should also have +x.


What would be the correct chmod command?


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Unraid GUI > Tools > New Permissions is a once off tool to clean up perms, it also shows the reference permissions/ownership that are set.


(New Permissions tool)...changes file and directory ownership to nobody/users (i.e., uid/gid to 99/100), 
and sets permissions as follows:

For directories:

For read/write files:

For readonly files:


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55 minutes ago, frank-unr said:

Thanks! That should work. I didn't know about this newperms command.

There is also a Docker-Safe NewPerms command too, but I'm not sure where that's actually at and have only invoked it from the UI. I forget which CA-plugin provides it, if it's from the main "Community Applications" or one of the addons.


As long as you don't run that newperms script against your "appdata" location or where you have dockers setup, you should be fine.

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