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VM paused and Krusader won’t delete

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My Win10 VM froze 26 hours ago and after several attempts to reboot have been unsuccessful i thought the issue might be due to the lack of space on the drive it is located on.  I tried removing other MacOS VMs from the drive using Krusader (after deleting them using the unraid VM control panel) but the folders and files remain in place.  How do I get Krusader to actually make room?   And why didn’t Windows warn me it was running out of space?   If I could get past pause I could see what’s taking up all the space in windows and delete stuff but I’m locked out. 


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13 minutes ago, oh-tomo said:

I used command line instead ‘rm -rf Mac*’ and was able to make 48GB of space.  Still don’t know why Krusader wouldn’t do the same.  


Booted into Windows and there's 437 GB of free space out of 899 GB.   Why was VM boot up pausing if there's all this space?

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On 12/1/2022 at 7:42 PM, JonathanM said:

Is the sum of the virtual drives larger than the actual space available?


I don't know.  The Win10 was the only one I was using (why would the size suddenly change?)  so I deleted the others and eventually was able to boot back in.   I also had to disable the GPU passthrough and boot in using VNC.   Once the Windows repairs were done and I got back in, I shut down the Win10 VM, re-added the GPU and booted in again.   It seemed faster once I was back in but now after a few days Win10 seems less responsive.   Wonder if it's the downloading of Win10 updates that is slowing things down.   Space used is still only around 437 GB of out of 899 GB.  

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