Have to start PC twice to get to Web Interface

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Hey guys, since a while I have cannot reach the Web Interface when booting the first time.. I have to press the Shutdown Button on the Case, wait for it to shut down, then I turn it on again and after some time I can reach the Web Interface.. I swear this was working some time ago without this procedure..


Using the newest Version of Unraid on a Gigabyte AX370 Gaming K7, R9 3900X, 64GB RAM..

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Most likely unrelated, but

usb_manager_usbip_addon.plg - 2022.07.21  (Unknown to Community Applications)

This plugin IIRC has been superceded and should get uninstalled.  @SimonF would know best

NerdPack.plg - 2021.08.11  (Up to date)  (Incompatible)

This has been replaced by Nerd Tools and should also get uninstalled.


Fix Common Problems probably tossed up notifications regarding this

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