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  1. Hey guys, I want to host a VHD and boot it via iPXE Client, is this possible? I already set up the docker in unraid and booted from a vm with the ipxe iso.. Am I right that I need to do some router config to bring them together? I got a FritzBox 7590 and a OpenWRT Router (GL INET 750S).. Thank you for help
  2. I got a reference RX 6700 XT today and replaced a R9 390X.. I guess I'm using UEFI (have to check later), Q35, no GPU Host Drivers, passed only 2 devices (GPU and GPU Audio), but have to supply BIOS file then passthrough works..
  3. Should have searched with the log entry now I found the fix:
  4. Hey guys, bound the card to vfio at boot via Tools/System Devices but when booting Windows 10 machine with attached gpu it only shows black screen. Log is spammed with: Mar 11 14:42:11 Tower kernel: vfio-pci 0000:0a:00.0: BAR 0: can't reserve [mem 0xe0000000-0xefffffff 64bit pref] Do you have an idea what can cause this?
  5. @Frank1940 Thanks for your remarks, looks like SMB/SAMBA is not the best way to share files with Windows Client.. FTP Server is lacking a more specific access controll (e.g. user x can access folder y).. Maybe I'll try NFS or Resilio (got a license).. Have a nice day!
  6. @Frank1940 Public Share didn't work either! See my post above I edited with the solution.. Also the VM I tried to connect from was freshly setup and the share was always private.. Or do you mean I have to add a Windows user which has the same name and password like the Unraid User which has access to the share?
  7. @Frank1940 Don't know what it has to do with unauthenticated guest access as I want to connect to a password protected share.. Also I added the login into credential manager and set gpedit policy for unauthenticated guest access.. Also I added "min protocol = SMB2" in Unraid Settings SMB Extras.. Don't know what to do else.. Edit: I read a ton of discussion about similar or slightly different problems e.g. Isn't Unraid capable to provide a compatible share? Even activated SMB1 in the meantime, doesn't help.. Oh, and I'm using 20H2.. Edit - Solution: Activating unsecure guest access from gpedit has no effect (with 20H2 at least), you have to change the value in regedit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkstation\Parameters AllowInsecureGuestAuth REG_DWORD 0x1 Damn, nothing else needed to get it working!
  8. Hey guys! I have two devices with Win 10 Enterprise and I want to connect to a private share.. Doesn't work! I enabled unsecure guest login in gpedit but still doesn't work (but I think this is not even needed, cause I use user and password for the share).. Is it that hard to maintain Windows 10 compatiblity? I think many users are using Windows and SMB Shares is an essential Unraid feature in my oppinion.. Can anyone help? Using FTP while SMB not working for me.. Best Regards
  9. Hey guys, want to migrate from HDD array: 3TB Parity 2TB Disk 1 1,5TB Disk 2 To: 500GB Disk1 (SSD) I don't need an array at all, only a few dockers.. VMs are using virtual disks which are lying on unassigned disks.. So in a first step I removed parity drive.. Now what would be the next step? There is no way to remove one disk and it copies the stuff to the remaining disk automatically i guess? Do I have to make a new config and copy everything by hand? Best Regards
  10. So what does this mean? Is it desired behaviour or a bug and gets a fix some time? Upgraded from beta 25 to 29 and now facing the problem with two passthrough disks.. Can you recommend me a solution to use the disks again? Do you suggest to use vdisk instead and if yes, can I convert to vdisk? Thanks for your kind help!
  11. This fixed it! But now I got the same problem when clicking "GENERATE THE SERVER CERTIFICATES AND KEYS"
  12. @ljm42 Okay, working now, scanned the qr-code again.. Thanks for your help!
  13. @ljm42 Interestingly it behaves the same with "Remote tunneled access", tried every option there, even rebooted server! Regarding Security, what if there is a vulnerability in the wireguard server then in my understanding an attacker could get direct access to the unraid server while this could not happen, if wireguard runs on another machine.. Is this somewhat correct? I could use a TP-Link Router with OpenWRT for this, if this is considered the safer choice..
  14. Is it normal, that (on the client) the public IP doesn't change, when connect to my home network? I have set the peer access mode to "Remote access to LAN".. From the client I can reach local services such as the Unraid Webinterface but if I check my internet IP it is still the one from my mobile network provider.. Confused.. And isn't it kind of dangerous putting a VPN Server on Unraid OS or is it encapsulated? At the moment I'm running a SoftEther VPN on Linux (Raspberry Pi) to which I connect via OpenVPN.