Cache pool is almost full but total file size not mach by far

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My cache pool is almost full


it is Raid5

3x1TB ssd


Data, RAID5: total=1.82TiB, used=1.67TiB
System, RAID1: total=32.00MiB, used=240.00KiB
Metadata, RAID1: total=6.00GiB, used=4.20GiB
GlobalReserve, single: total=512.00MiB, used=0.00B


When i check with krusader how much is used inside the cache it is not near the used amount that unraid is Showing (the Show Hidden Files is ticked in krusader).

unraid used = 1.84TB

krusader used = 859GB+-




I am missing about 1TB of storage.




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Maybe UNRAID counts in the RAID5-Parity Drive (1Tb less of the total 3Gb) and krusader does not know about RAID5 and just counts the net file usage?


Dont forget that RAID5 takes off 1 Drive from the net free space...


(yeah I know, there is no special "Parity Drive" in RAID5, Parity is spread among all drives. But it is always occupied so it must be subtracted from the net-freespace)


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33 minutes ago, ChatNoir said:

Several things could be in play here :

  • BTRFS does not report free space very well in RAID modes when using an ODD number of devices. Thought it is generally not too bad when there is little free space.
  • Krusader is known to be inaccurate on that
  • There is probably a question of GB vs GiB

you are right the Krusader was really off by about 771GB from the Storj Folder.
I run a  "du -sh"
and saw that in total the used space was 1.6TB in the 

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