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These drives have performed flawlessly over the years.  None have any bad or pending sectors or any other issues.  These have a lot of hours on them, but I've always had unRAID set to spin drives down after one hour, so they have very little actual activity time.  This can be seen in the attached SMART reports.  Look at the low number of "Load_Cycle_Count" and you will see that they were not in actual use much considering the number of power on hours.  Many of the drives do have UDMA CRC ERRORs.  This was due to some bad SAS cables I had used and are not indicative of the drives being bad or defective in any way.  UDMA CRC ERROR stopped accumulating once the cables were replaced (link).


The only reason I am selling these drives is because a friend of mine passed away and left me a pile of 14TB and 12TB drives to which I have upgraded to.  I just don't need these anymore.


Both of these drives just passed extended and short SMART self-tests (please see SMART reports).  All both just passed Preclear and have a Preclear signature already on them.  They are ready to insert into unRAID and go!


If there is a specific drive you want based on the SMART reports, please let me know and I will be happy to send.


Price is $105 each including shipping within the continental USA.  I will ship outside of the continental USA for an additional fee to cover actual shipping expenses.  All will be well packed and sent USPS priority mail or UPS.


I own CIR-Engineering (that's me in the middle :-) and also go by 1easytrader on eBay where I have 100% positive feedback after 24 years.  Payment accepted is Zelle or any other form that has no transaction fees.  Or you may pay by PayPal if you are willing to cover the transaction fees on your end.  If you buy both drives I will discount the price by $10 for combined shipping.  Please feel free to email me for a potentially faster response.  [email protected]


Thanks for looking!



7SGPH5EC.txt 7SGPH3ZC.txt

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