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Server shuts down within 3 days


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I have a problem with my Unraid server with shutdowns (approx) every 3 days.

It is a very new system with a i7-13700K and ASRock Z790 PG Lightning.

I tried ram test for 15 hours+ with a windows VM and let

folding at home do its thing for a few days without crash.(was thinking ram or cpu was the problem)

Next time i came home server was down again. (when the server shuts down i cant restart with a short press on power i need to hold the button for a few seconds (5?) and then press again. or remove the power from the system before a restart.

i deleted my windows VM and stopped all docker containers and after about 3 day´s .... my server is offline again.


maybe a faulty power supply ?



and sorry for my english it´s only my second language

tower-diagnostics-20230117-2047.zip syslog-20230114-163752.txt

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Sorry for the late reply.

Did take a bit for my server to crash again but... it did.

I didn´t even start the array (i forgot) when i came home today my server was dark.

Only external usb divice is my boot flashdrive.


i am realy guessing it is the power supply

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