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Server Lock-up & Networking Issue

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I've encountered infrequent crashes with Unraid since I first started using it, but I generally didn't worry because they were only slightly annoying. This morning, I had a situation that worries me so I'm posting here now.


The server was operational when I got up, as I was able to turn my smart lights on. Shortly thereafter, the server locked up and would not respond to any web requests, docker containers were not running (the smart lights not responding to me leaving the house tipped me off), there was no display output (monitor said no signal), keyboard input didn't do anything, you get the picture. I performed a hard reset of the server.


When it came back up, some portion of the devices on VLAN 2 (additional configuration details below) were unreachable, even though the router showed them all as connected and I could ping them from my desktop PC. I had to gracefully reboot the server to get them to come back. This same networking issue had happened the night before after I performed a graceful reboot for other reasons. I had intended to post for support about that, but now I'm combining the two issues.


I have a second server, also running Unraid, with which I have never had a crash or lock up of any kind.


Server details:

Custom built chassis

Supermicro X10SRL-F motherboard w/ Xeon E5-2650 v4 and 16 GB RAM

PCIe 2xGbE card


PCIe 8i to 16i SAS Expander

PCIe Nvidia T400 (for video encode/decode only, display output from MB)



4x GbE links (2x MB, 2x PCIe) bonded as 802.3ad to HP 48 port switch (super old but it was free 🤷‍♂️)

Primary VLAN (1): with internet access

VLAN 2 to a separate WiFi router, no internet access, for smart devices and security cameras

VLAN 3 only Unraid servers, no gateway, maintained for legacy reasons after upgrading to a managed switch


Any help anyone could provide on what caused this and future preventative measures would be much appreciated.


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