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Mover never stops trying and spawns a bunch of processes error with "BRTFS operation running"

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This is the second time over the past month I have seen this behavior.


using "TOP" i am seeing atleast twenty "update_3" process

in the unraid interface you see the mover attempt to run flashing the message "BRTFS operation running" 

Since this process runs forever it greys out the "stop array" or "Stop mover" button every 1/2 second so you cant even attempt to stop it.

It also lags out the interface to the point where I cannot browse shares.


A full on reset of the server clears all the unwanted processes and we wait for it to happen all over again.


Please fix!

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Sorry for the late reply, it took this long for the issue to show up, the logs have been uploaded and currently the problem is happening.

I have also attached a screenshot with the issue in action.

How I noticed it, there is an increase in activity right now on the CPU. In addition you can see from the attached top screenshot there is a sprawl in "UPDATE_3" processes.

Mover is scheduled for 1st of month, so this doesn't look like a mover issue, but a BRTFS issue. 



Look forward to a resolution.


error inaction.JPG

update3 spam.JPG


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