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How do I configure my SSD cache to allow HDDs to spindown

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I have a number of disks, (2x14TB, 2x12TB and 2x10TB), and 4 SSDs (1x120GB, 1x240GB, 2x1TB).


Right now, I have the 120GB and 240GB SSDs operating as separate, single disk caches, and the 2x1TB SSDs as a RAID1 cache.


I notice that 3 of my 6 HDDs don't spin down ever.  but the 3 that are mainly contain Plex media do.


How can I configure my shares so that nearly all the disks spin down, to reduce power consumption?


This is mostly a Plex machine, but it has a Linux VM running on.


I have appdata, docker, domains folder set to Cache-Prefer; and my downloads, backups and system set to cache-Yes.




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57 minutes ago, shadowlord said:

appdata, docker, domains folder set to Cache-Prefer

That doesn't necessarily mean these files are all on cache though. It just means new files will go to cache, and it will try to move files to cache if it can.


You can see how much of each disk or pool is used by each of your user shares by clicking Compute... for the share on the User Shares page, or the Compute All button.


Nothing can move open files. To allow appdata, domains, system to be moved, you have to disable Docker and VM Manager in Settings.


Also, mover won't replace files, and mover ignores files that are not on the designated pool. So there might be some additional cleanup needed.


If you want more specific instructions, attach diagnostics to your NEXT post in this thread.

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