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HBA problem and now flash drive corrupted


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Hi Unraid Community.

Thank you to everyone helping out in here. Using this forum to learn from others has been a massive help in building my first unraid server. Unfortunately, now i have run into some issues that are very specific for my own server so I need to ask the community for help.


I am working away from home(seaman) and have been operating my server with a wireguard VPN tunnel. This means that I can't do anything physical to the server at the moment, save for getting the wife to press the power button if needed.

Three nights in a row, I have "lost" the drives that run off my HBA LSI card. In reality only drive 8 was registered as missing but the others show thousands of errors. Each morning, i had been able to get it all back by powering down the server and powering on again. It then starts rebuilding drive 8 and everything looked fine. Until sometime in the night when it happens again. 

My guess was that the HBA card is broken and I was about to order a new one. 

The third time it happened, however, a new fault has come up. This time it is telling me that on top of the errors on the drives, my flash drive is corrupted. Is this related or a new fault? I dont even dare to try and reboot the server now in case the flash drive is truly screwed up.

It is a quality sandisk drive that has only been running since mid December.

I worry about not being able to run the server, as i am running Pi-hole on it and it therefore creates the DNS for my home network. I believe that if the server isn't running, the internet in the house will not work. My wife would not be too happy about not having wifi the next ten weeks, just because i have been experimenting.


Attached is the diagnostics file and a screenshot of my main page. I dont know if these provide enough info? Let me know and i can give more.

Thanks in advance if anyone knows what is going on and how to get out of this trouble.


Best regards


Screenshot 2023-01-23 07.38.57.png


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Hi JorgeB,

In fact, i had my wife check the card the first two times. I dont know if it was her touching it that solved it those two times. But if it keeps happening every night, surely it is not the card that shakes loose if it had been running fine for many weeks up to that?


Can i reboot now that it says the flashdrive is corrupted? As mentioned, I dont have a chance to do anything on it physically for another 10 weeks.

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Ok. I am really nervous about doing it as if it doesnt start, there will be no internet for my family for 10 weeks. Are there any things i can do to prepare for the worst? Does it make sense to do a backup of the flash now that it is corrupted?

What about afterwards, if it does start up, would a new diagnostics log show why the flash drive was affected?

Finally, should i just bite the bullet and buy a new HBA card straight away?


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The plot thickens. I went onto the server again, only to find that it has randomly rebooted itself. I have started the array in maintenance mode without disk 8. Stopped the array again and reassigned disk 8. It is now doing data rebuild again.

The flash drive seems fine now. 

No idea why it just rebooted itself.

I wanted to attach a diagnostics file, but after having waited 15 minutes for it to download i gave up. Instead is attached a syslog file.


What the heck is going on? Pretty sure it will just fail again tonight.


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