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I've been trying to solve why Unraid drops the internet every 3 to 4 days.  I changed my USB to a 2.0 port. I have deleted the network.cfg and rebooted. I have been active for 2 days so far. I never deleted the network.rule.cfg file. Does that matter?


The strange thing is. I can't see any of those Network files on the USB now. I'm looking at it through the internet explorer. I use to see them there.  I'm thinking something must be going on with the USB. It's not that old, it's a Sandisk.

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Setup the syslog server.  Instructions are here:




In your case, I would suggest using   Mirror syslog to flash:    option.  After the problem occurs again, Shut the server down by pushing the powerswitch for about one second and  wait for the server to shutdown normally.  (~ 1-2 Minutes).   Pull the flash drive and upload the file in a new post.

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11 hours ago, JorgeB said:

network.cfg will only be recreated if you make a change to the network settings, and network-rules.cfg will only exist if there are multiple NICs

Thanks guys. The one thing I noticed and changed today, was my Nvidia Sheild was using port .22 which is the same as SSH for Unraid. Correct? I might also change Unraid's 443 and 80 to something else. I will take Frank1940's advice an setup the logs just before I think it is going to go. It's pretty consistent it goes out about 3 days in. I had to hard boot on Wednesday. 

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Just now, trurl said:


Just to see if it makes a difference. I have almost tried everything.  I've replaced the network cable going to the server, reset the config file. That only gave me back the same ip, the reserved was removed. I should've just added one myself.  Unraid doesn't need any specific ports open unless it's remote access right? I try to avoid opening too many ports.

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7 minutes ago, trurl said:

Best way to have a specific IP is to reserve it in the router. Let all devices use DHCP and reserve IPs by MAC address in the one place that really matters. No chance of collisions that way.

That's what I have stated doing. I have reserved the ip from the router end, even when I set the static ip for Unraid, I did it from the router. I was wondering if Deludgevpn might be causing an issue. I have Sonarr, Radarr and NZBget running through it. Can't see how.

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